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Cool Skating atop the "Doode Bemde"

Doing a fair amount of ice & inline skating - respectively during Winter and Summer - but so far I've only gone rogue over frozen water in Harbin (Songhua river), the Summer Palace in Beijing (Kunming lake see last photo below from 1992) and as a teenager at Boekenbergpark in Antwerp (bit less exotic location).

Hiking SGR-12 (final) part IV (2009)

110 kilometers from Soissons to Senlis

between the rivers l'Aisne and l'Oise

crossing the forests of Compiège et Chantilly.

Dead Man Walking

GR12 Brussels2Paris - Part III / Spring 2007 - Ardennes & Aisne (Picardie)

Walking mankind conquered the World, even in recent times uncharted territory at both Poles and highest mountain tops could only have been tamed by Foot. My ambitions in this field are far more modest - considering every single square metre on earth has already been trampled on - however my own small walking-projects allow me once-in-a-while to fully appreciate our living-space, and enjoy meditation on the road.

Number 957 crashed at 17,76 before the 100-kilometer finish in Bornem

Alas I was unable to close the loop on Saturday 12th August, walking the 100-kilometre through the Antwerp, Flemish-Brabant and East-Flanders provinces, joined by 8.4k fellow nutcases, who started their cavalry on Friday 11th August at 9 o'clock in the evening from Bornem-centre.

GR-12 Belgian track Bruxelles-Rocroi 2005/6

Below my personal account on walking down GR-12 from Brussels (Belgian Capital Region) to Montcornet (past Rocroi) in the French Ardennes split over 2 holidays: Brussels-Charleroi in 2005 and Charleroi-Montcornet in 2006.

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