Stendhal effect caused by Mull of Kintyre

Funny how European and Chinese cultures blend. In "Dans les forêt de Sibérie" from Sylvain Tesson [1] , I read that the Baïkal Lake where he resided for 6 months caused the "Stendhal" effect when he first visited. In an newspaper article I read, Sylvain Tesson supposedly died when climbing the facade of a house of his friend in Chamonix.* In his honor, I wanted to read the book, also because I like travel stories. As a philosopher not knowing Stendhal, I looked it up on our worldwide encyclopaedia: During 1817, a patient of Stendhal described that he was overcome with emotion when visiting Florence. Since then psychiatrists debated whether it really exists. Today my wife asked me on behalf of a Houston friend visiting Italy whether Florence was worthwhile. So I talked about the David of Michelangelo and the Stendhal effect. Her great answer: "Yeah, I really experienced this when we visited the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland. It was like a forbidden heaven I was not supposed to enter". For those not knowing the Mull, Susan Boyle singing about it for the Queen's 60 birthday at Windsor to show off the horses:

All Life is beautiful, but there's only 1 Mull of Kintyre.

(*) To my surprise I found out a few weeks ago that he survived after a long coma, but became severely handicapped.