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BXL20KM 2008

22 Atos Origin colleagues ran the 20 kilometers of Brussels on Sunday 25th May !!! Thanks to Runners for collecting money for Right2Play !!! Thanks to Karin Cnaepkens from our Human Resource departement to provide funding !!! Thanks to Vera Luypaert to support Communication activities !!!

Sunny Sunday in Seattle

Way back in June 2005, I spent my very first time near Seattle (Washington State) for the Microsoft BizTalk 2006 Technology Adoption Program. That's when I finally learned that Redmond - Microsoft's HQ - is located far/up North/West of the United States - with it's wet feet in Pacific Ocean - about 225 kilometers South of Vancouver in British Colombia (Canada).

ST2W mounts Tirol

As a sequel to 2006, ST2W - our Euro/Chinese Community based in SinT STevens Woluwe - organised a great ski-trip to Ehrwald (Austria/Tirol) during 2008 once more. Skiing, sledging & eating are much more fun performing & experiencing then talking about, anyway I decided to publish a few photographic impressions of this year's edition.

China Spotting Dec/Jan-07/08

Nowadays the People's Republic of China is often being caught in generalities - communism & capitalism, economic wonder & danger, natural medicine & ecologic catastrophe - but there moves a lot more beneath, and - like viewing through a kaleidoscope - colours compositions continue to shift suddenly, while underlying patterns endure. To fully appreciate it's rich cultural aspects, one has to be forever vigilant & curious, below a selection of some interesting facts - and stepping stones to more background information - which caught my eye this month.

Weathering Nigeria's Go-Slow

Shanshan spent Tuesday 27th to Friday 30st November in Nigeria's capital Abuja to understand and improve a Customer's purchasing and logistic processes. Her first time on the African continent, she witnessed business & opportunities in this oil-drenched and resourceful country, as well as great struggle of society and its members alike to embrace modernity.

Atos Odyssea 2007 Westerschelde

3 days - Fri-31/8 to Sun-2/9 - with crew of 3 colleagues - Fréderique Vandenbroucke, Koen Voster & Patrick Hoornaert - challenging the Northsea aboard of the Croeso, a Westerley Storm of 10,11 metres, skippered by Stefan.

Vikings & Smörrebröd

Dead Man Walking

Our Atos Origin Running Team raced 20 kilometres through Brussels

The final tunes of the Bolero of Ravel and the Brabançonne - in crescendo - echoed through the 3 arches of the "Parc du Cinquantenaire" covered by cloudy skies. Then suddenly a tidal wave of 28.000 runners engulfed Brussels on Sunday 27th May 2007, once a cannon fired the 28th edition at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Among them 9 athletes (4 women and 5 men) trooping the colours of Atos Origin, mind-set to the target of completing the 20 kilometres ahead with grace. First to cross the finish this year in 1 hour sharp was Mohamed Abduh Bakhet from Qatar.

GR12 Brussels2Paris - Part III / Spring 2007 - Ardennes & Aisne (Picardie)

Walking mankind conquered the World, even in recent times uncharted territory at both Poles and highest mountain tops could only have been tamed by Foot. My ambitions in this field are far more modest - considering every single square metre on earth has already been trampled on - however my own small walking-projects allow me once-in-a-while to fully appreciate our living-space, and enjoy meditation on the road.

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