My 4 Preferred Training-Run Routes

Below detail on 4 of my favorite training-running tracks:

South-of-Zaventem-International-Airport: 14 kilometres

Flat track with few hills in a wide-open space. Can become very windy & muddy in Autumn & Winter. Start at the parking lot behind the Zaventem Sport Centre, and run all the way South of the Airport (you'll be passing the Airport fire-brigade ANPI training centre and the closed refugee "prison" in Steenokkerzeel). If you like you can add 20 kilometres by running through Silsembos (Berg - Nederokkerzeel - Erps-Kwerps) but in case you are not training for a marathon, simply turn South, and return parallel to the calm railroad Brussel-Leuven.

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Diegem-Lo: 8 kilometres

Nothing spectacular or green, but amazingly varied considering it's passing a busy part of the suburbs. Trick is not to get lost when crossing from Diegem-Lo to Diegem (there is an intricate and little known system to tunnel pedestrians under the Ring). Once running through a quiet neightbourhood (except for the planes flying over), you'll be passing the little castle + park + foodball fields in the centre of Diegem, crossing the railroad, reaching the most remote point at Eurocontrol/Sony.

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Stockmansmolen - NATO - Elsene Graveyard: 13 kilometres

Passing Brussel's Eastern fields near my home, just shying away from the city-centre (Evere). Cross Woluwedal and climb out of the valley behind Sint Stevens Woluwe. Passing a tennis-club, turn on the 750 metre traffic-free road behind NATO and the military base "Reine Elisabeth" (often used at night for illegal freestyle racing). Round the Elsene Cemetary (in fact it's a joined cemetary with Schaarbeek) - if you wish you can extend the run with 2 or 3 kilometers running round the park behind the "Carrefour" - and return via "Tiendeschuur". If you can find it there is a small alleyway going down to the church, pass the park/Chiro, up again - nice zig-zag up-and-down, if too complicated simply follow the Sint Stefaansstraat - and back again.

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Arboretum (Zoniënwoud) - Tervuren: 16 kilometres

The absolute summum of a relaxing forrest run. Park your car (or bike) at the "Leopold III" enterance of the Arboretum (follow the arrows when you come off Ave. de Tervuren), and take the park via the North through all the green corridors (all flora from Americas). Cross the street and tour Park of Tervuren (often the stage of many running events). Return via the South of the park (all trees from Northern Europe) via amazing meandering paths. More then likely you will get lost several times, even a magnetic compass might be no luxury ;-)

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Any improvement-suggestions or any new road to explore/plot will be more then appreciated !!!